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Kiss Away The Toxins

Before you perfect that pout with your favorite lipstick, let’s talk about the consequences that 80% of people face who regularly wear lipstick. Dating back to Ancient Rome, you’ll find the first appearance of a makeup artist or what they called Cosmatae. Wealthy women who had the service of a makeup artist could have their lipstick applied to them daily. But the downside is the lipstick contained toxic ingredients like white lead, fucus, and vermillion.

Flash forward to our time, and sadly not much has changed today. Your favorite lipstick may still contain toxic ingredients. The University of California-Berkeley’s School of Public Health found lead, cadmium, aluminum, and chromium in commonly sold lipstick products at highly toxic levels. And even though lead has been banned in most products, it was found in the same study in 75% of the samples claimed by USA Today.

Still not sure why this may affect you? It’s said that those who wear lipstick daily unintentionally eat about 4 pounds in their lifetime.

Are you ready to make the switch and Kiss Away the Toxins? Good. Because here at Janegee, we have so many choices of lipsticks from brands we trust. To help make the switch let’s talk about some popular shades:

For a Classic Red

Kjaer Weis: KW Red

On their website, Kjaer Weis states that their lipsticks are Certified Organic.“Of the agriculturally derived ingredients in this product, a minimum of 95% comes from organic farming.” You can also find a complete list of the ingredients for each shade.

For a Perfect Pink

Aisling Organics: Precious Pink

On their website, Aisling states that their products are made with pure ingredients, so no one has to sacrifice health for beauty or beauty for health. A complete list of their ingredient is listed with each product.

For a Sultry Burgundy

RMS Beauty: Lip2Cheek Diabolique

On their website, they proudly state they are transparent about their ingredients and safe to use, and an added bonus is that their containers are made of recycled glass pots. A complete list of ingredients is listed.

For a Natural Nude:

Lily Lolo: Allure

On their website, Lily Lolo states their “natural lipstick is good enough to eat!” And is free from harsh chemicals. A complete list of ingredients is listed.

All these shades are available in the shop to try on for yourself! Or feel free to ask for assistance from our in-house makeup artist, Shannon Elaine!

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